Will My Bankruptcy Affect Getting a Job?


Question: I filed bankruptcy recently, and now I am trying to apply for a new job. Will my bankruptcy affect me? I mean, filing bankruptcy and getting rid of all my debt was a great move and I’m lucky to get a fresh start.

I was working for a company in Atlanta and now I’m looking for a job closer to my home in Dunwoody. I’m really happy I filed the bankruptcy because my bills were out of control and I was getting sued by two different companies, a credit card company and a loan company. I was worried about getting a wage garnishment. And I kept getting collection letters from my hospital and a doctor.

I just wanted to write to a Dunwoody bankruptcy lawyer and see how the bankruptcy could impact me and my career.

R.B. in Dunwoody, Georgia

Answer: We’re very happy that you got a fresh start financially.

Most of the time, bankruptcy will not affect your current job. Nor will it impact you getting a new job or a promotion. We’ve had many thousands of clients and it has rarely if ever been an issue.

Sometimes, especially if a Chapter 13 is filed, your employer will likely find out about your bankruptcy, but this should not affect your employment. An employer cannot fire you because you filed bankruptcy, whether your employer is a government or a private employer. Employers also cannot discriminate against you through other conditions of employment, like lowering your salary or demoting you. But if there are valid reasons for these actions (like poor performance at work, insubordination, etc.), of course, your bankruptcy filing will not protect you.

If a creditor is garnishing your wages (or is about to garnish your wages), your employer will most likely be aware of your financial issue. In a Chapter 13, your payments may be directly taken from your wages; therefore, your employer will be aware of your bankruptcy.

As local a local bankruptcy lawyer, we see that most employers are very supportive and want to everything possible to help a good employee who is facing debt issues. Many smart employers want to help alleviate an employee’s debt burden so that the employee can focus on work and not have to worry about the stress of debt, lawsuits, creditors and garnishment.

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