When I file for bankruptcy do I need a job, or can I be unemployed?

Question: I used to live in Buckhead and I was married. Now I live in Dunwoody and I’m divorced and I think I need to file bankruptcy. I'm looking for a Dunwoody bankrupcty lawyer or someone close by.

Basically my husband cheated on me and when we were going thru the divorce I noticed that he spent all of our money on drugs, other women and bad investments. Now I need to file bankruptcy so I can move on with my life and to get a fresh financial start.

When we lived in Buckhead I thought everything was fine. I mean, our three children were in private schools, we had a nice house and I always had money to spend. I didn’t spend a ton of money like some of my friends, but I do like nice things and everyone I know gets plastic surgery, but that really isn’t expensive.

When I caught my husband cheating my mom said I needed to get a divorce because I could do better than a cheater and when I looked at all the financial information my husband provided to my lawyer, I noticed that we had major debts. I mean we owed a lot of money on credit cards and on loans.

And he used up all of our money on his drug problem, his girlfriend and some stupid investments.

Now everyone says I need to file bankruptcy. We can’t afford the private schools and my kids are afraid to go to our local public school because they say people there are scary. And I may even have to get a job, and I haven’t had a job since I worked at an ice cream store as a teenager.

I really need to know when can I file bankruptcy and do you think I can get out of debt? And to file bankruptcy do I need to have a job, or can I be unemployed?

A.J. in Dunwoody

Answer: Yes, bankruptcy will alleviate your debts; the purpose of bankruptcy is to eliminate debt. You can file for bankruptcy as soon as possible. We help clients file very quickly. We have an easy-to-follow process that our clients use to get out of debt. We can explain it all to you when we meet.

Just about everybody can file bankruptcy. People either file a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. Both are great ways of getting out of debt and getting a fresh financial start.

You can file bankruptcy whether or not you have a job. Many times people file bankruptcy when they are employed, and many people file bankruptcy when they are unemployed. Either way, we will get rid of your debts.

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