DUI: My bloodshot eyes were not from drinking

Question: I got stopped in Alpharetta and the cop there gave me a DUI. I remember he said my eyes were bloodshot and he asked me why that was. I told him that they had been very itchy for the past couple of days and I was actually planning to go to a doctor because my wife was worried about them. My vision seemed fine so I didn't think it was a major priority and I've been working late on a project because I work on a team that has members overseas although my office are in Atlanta.

I had been out at a bar with a friend from work who kept me out talking about his marital problems. So I didn't want to be there and so I sat there and tried to offer some advice. I was drinking steadily but didn't have too much to drink, just a couple of shots and a few beers over about 5 hours.

On the way home from the bar in Cumming at The Collection, I got pulled over by the police. I was taken to the Alpharetta jail.

But my question is about my eyes. The cops took pictures of my eyes and my wife said that I will look really drunk in the pictures because they are so red. What can cause red eyes besides drinking?

T.V. in Alpharetta, GA

Answer: Bloodshot eyes can be caused by many things. Indeed, while alcohol intake can cause red eyes, so can a number of other factors. Other causes can include: dry eyes, allergies, conjunctivitis, contact lenses, computer vision syndrome and eye injury, among many others.

As DUI attorneys we think it's important to understand what can cause bloodshot eyes, as this is considered a clue someone has been drinking. There have been many cases where we have used these alternative causes to help our clients. By the way, smoking and swimming can also cause red eyes.

If any of the above-mentioned factors are involved, you should get a note from a doctor explaining that you have been professionally diagnosed and what the physician prescribes for treatment. That can help mitigate your bloodshot eyes as a factor in your DUI prosecution.

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