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Question: I need to know if I can get rid of my medical bills if I file bankruptcy. I had a few medical procedures, including two surgeries and although I had insurance, I still owe a lot of money for them. I got hurt in a car accident and I needed to see a few different types of doctors, including a surgeon and an orthopedist, and my medical bills were really high. I hurt my neck, back and shoulder. I had x-rays and a bunch of other medical stuff done. Now I owe doctors and hospitals a lot of money and I’m getting sued by two hospitals, and the doctors are threatening me thru their collection agencies.

My only real debt is from the medical bills and that’s the problem because it’s approaching $100,000 in total debt, and interest is compounding, so soon I could owe twice that. There’s no way I can pay it off and since I’m being sued I’m worried about a wage garnishment, because that happened to my wife and she didn’t owe that much debt, it was only a few thousand dollars.

So now with all this medical debt I need help as soon as possible. I tried to total up how many medical creditors I have and it was over 50. I have lab tests, doctors, and hospitals that I need to pay. And since I’m getting sued, I need to move fast, that's why I'm contacting a Johns Creek bankruptcy lawyer.

Please let me know if I can put medical bills into a bankruptcy.

L.A. in Johns Creek, GA

Answer: Yes, you can eliminate your medical bills by filing for bankruptcy. Whether it’s a hospital bill or a doctor bill or any other bill related to your healthcare, it can definitely be eliminated by bankruptcy, either thru a chapter 13 or a chapter 7.

With the cost of healthcare so high, many people turn to bankruptcy to eliminate medical bills. Medical bills are major cause of bankruptcy for so many Georgians, particularly people who may be uninsured or just under-insured.

Doctors, hospitals and clinics can be very aggressive debt collectors. They don’t hesitate to bring lawsuits, issue wage garnishments or impose bank account levies.

When you file bankruptcy, the hospitals, doctors and clinics have to stop contacting you immediately. In fact, once we file, they can never contact our clients again.

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