Questions About Bankruptcy, Wage Garnishment and Debt Consolidation


Question: In the past years everything has kind of fallen apart for me financially. I’m writing because I need a lawyer near me to help me get out of debt. I have credit cards, loans, and a car repossession. I tried debt consolidation and that didn’t work. All my friends say debt consolidation is a scam, and it is because it doesn’t work. I made all these payments to the debt consolidation companies and I really have the same amount of debt as before. I checked with Credit Karma and my credit score is really awful. I really need a bankruptcy attorney near me to get me straight financially.

I’ve heard the best thing to do is file bankruptcy. Last week, my boss said that he got papers for a garnishment of my wages and that they were going to start taking money from my paycheck. He told me how much would be taken out when the garnishment starts so I used a paycheck calculator and it’s a lot of money for me.

Now I’ve got debt collectors calling every day, my credit score is bad, and I just got served at my house with another lawsuit. The last thing I want to do is go to the court house and lose and have the judge mad at me for being some kind of deadbeat.

I never had money problems until the last few years, I’ve always had a good job and I could pay all my bills. But then I lost my job and I haven’t made up that money yet. I think someday I will. But for now I have to address the garnishment, lawsuit, and low credit score.

I just need enough money to make my mortgage payment, my car payment, and to get my medications for anxiety and depression. I think my depression is getting worse because of my money issues and all the stress involved with that.

O.V. in Forsyth County, GA

Answer: Thank you for your questions. The good news is that we can eliminate credit card debt, loans, and a repossession by filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy or by filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy. We’ll see which type works best for your specific situation.

You write that your boss received garnishment papers for you. Once we file a bankruptcy petition, the garnishment should stop. Also, the debt collectors must stop all their activities, including harassing you and lawsuits, once we file.

As for “debt consolidation,” many of these companies are scams. They take your money and no debt is never meaningfully reduced. Your friends are correct, it is best to stay far away from debt consolidation companies. Really, the only way to legally wipe out debt for good is to file bankruptcy.

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