I Used to Be a Trophy Wife, Then I Was a Corporate Wife

Question:  I really need some advice.  I don't know what to do now that I'm facing divorce from my second husband. 

I think my story is pretty common, at least among my friends it is.  I used to be a trophy wife, then I was a corporate wife, and now I don't know what I am.

I was forced to drop-out of high school after I got pregnant and had a baby.  I got a job as a dancer and at a country club.  At the Country Club I met a man who was much older and we started seeing each other.  When his wife found out they got divorced.  Then he married me.  Our marriage was fine for over 15 years, but then he cheated on me and we got divorced.  Because of the prenup that I signed I really didn't get much money or anything.  And what little bit I did get I spent on a nice car, some jewelry and clothes.  That stuff really adds up!

But luckily I met a man online very quickly, just as my money was running out.  He was recently divorced and we dated a little bit and we got married.  He worked for a big company at a high level and I was a good corporate wife.  I made a point not to say anything dumb to him around the people he worked with (he said I sure was pretty but not a rocket scientist) and I never bugged him when he took company trips, and I always made sure dinner was on the table when he got home.  And when he watched sports on TV I was always available to get him his beers, which he sometimes threw at me when his team lost.

But now he wants to divorce me because he met someone else, I think on a business trip to Las Vegas.  He also made me sign a prenuptial agreement, so I won't get all that much.  What can I do?  I need money.

C.B. in Alpharetta, Georgia

Answer:  We get many questions from trophy wives and corporate wives.  Many divorce attorneys don't understand all the issues that are involved when representing a “trophy wife” or a “corporate wife.”

Many trophy wives and corporate wives worked very hard to get in those positions.  Many gave up opportunities for education and jobs so that they could provide the vital support that only a trophy wife or a corporate wife could give. 

We understand the many sacrifices that a trophy or corporate wife has to make.  And we understand how valuable they are to their husband's career, self-perception and overall happiness.  In so many cases, trophy and corporate wives were the “main ingredient” of their husband's success and happiness.

As for your specific situation, we need to fully scrutinize the prenuptial agreement to ensure that it was drafted properly with the required disclosures under Georgia law.  If it was not, a judge could find it invalid and unenforceable.  If that's the case, then we can pursue things like alimony very aggressively, as well as all any rights you have to his assets, including property, bank accounts, investments and collectibles, to name just a few.

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