What if a Doctor is Charged with DUI?

What if a doctor is charged with a DUI?

We have helped many doctors who have been charged with DUI. The DUI consequences for physicians can be very serious. Doctors can be suspended from practice by the Georgia Composite Medical Board (the Medical Board) until "rehabilitated" if alcohol abuse or drug abuse is in question. DEA permits for specific drugs (such as hydrocodone) may be revoked for a time or permanently.

What about a prior DUI?

A DUI prior to medical school can be extremely problematic. While the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) only requires that you report any felonies, some medical schools will also ask about any misdemeanor criminal charges. In most cases, DUI is a misdemeanor, although with certain aggravating factors (like multiple DUIs or a DUI involving serious injury) it is charged as a felony.

What will hospitals do?

And problems can arise when applying to different hospitals both in and out of state, due to each hospital's own rules. We help clients navigate these rules and regulations.

What about medical malpractice insurance?

Doctors require medical malpractice insurance. Convictions for crimes can definitely impact upon malpractice insurance. Sometimes it will cause a denial of coverage, other times it can affect the premium charged to insure physician.

Each state has its own Medical Board

Remember that every state has a separate board with different application processes and standards for background checks. If you cannot receive a license to practice medicine in one state, you still may be able to in another. Only 36 states conduct a background check as a basis of licensure.

There are many possible incidents that can prevent you from getting a job at a hospital, and plenty of other charges and convictions that do not. However, it is ethically important to be honest about previous charges and convictions when applying for a job or a license. We frequently counsel clients on how best to address these questions when they arise.

A Drunk Driving charge is not the end of a medical career

A DUI is not the end of a career in medicine. In fact, many doctors have DUI charges. This is not all that surprising due to the stressful nature of the profession and, for many, the long hours.

The primary concern for licensing boards, hospitals and insurance carriers is addiction and ensuring that you are safe to practice.

You need an attorney with experience handling cases for doctors

As DUI lawyers, we are very proud of the assistance we have rendered to the medical profession, including doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and every type of healthcare worker. When you need your questions answered, call us immediately at 678-215-4106.

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