Filing Bankruptcy Was a Great Idea

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Question: I wanted to write to you because so many of my relatives have filed for bankruptcy and now I think I need to file too. They got into debt in different ways, like losing a job, having a failed business, getting arrested for a crime and having too many medical bills.

Just in case you're curious, my aunt lost her job when her company outsourced her work to India. They said that it was much cheaper over there. My uncle got caught up in some prostitution and drug ring and had to go to jail. So his business suffered. And my cousin fell off a roof when he was cleaning out his gutters. So his medical bills were huge and he has to have surgery and see a doctor a few times a week. Plus he's popping tons of pills for pain, which is expensive.

So I guess now it's my turn to go bankrupt, so I was looking for a bankruptcy attorney near me. My relatives all said that filing was the best moved they've ever made. It totally wiped out their stress and now they have no debt. And I know that Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy several times and he's one of the richest people in the whole world.

My story is a little bit different, though. I still have my job, but I'm making less money than I used to because my hours got cut. My boss one day just told me that I'd get less hours and because of that I'm having serious problems paying my bills. I got a less expensive apartment, I traded in my BMW for an Infiniti, I eat out less often and I have pretty much given up smoking pot and gambling, except for special occasions.

So tell me why bankruptcy is really so popular and when can I file? My aunt said your firm knows the bankruptcy rules, code and that you do everything including the means test.

P.S. in Cumming, GA

Answer: It's truly amazing how many Americans have gotten a fresh financial start from filing bankruptcy, either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. Interestingly, bankruptcy was created in the United States Constitution to give people overwhelmed by debts a way out. Of course, Donald Trump used the bankruptcy laws to make sure he kept his vast wealth. And if it works for Donald Trump, it can certainly work for you.

Thank you for sharing the stories of your family members. We have filed bankruptcy for many people in very similar positions; people who have lost jobs, gotten into too much medical debt, and even folks who have gone to jail or prison. Or people like you who have had their hours reduced at work.

Basically, bankruptcy is so enormously popular because it allows people to legally eliminate their debts. And with so many people suffering from the effects of a struggling economy, filing is their best option because it stops creditor harassment, lawsuits, foreclosures and wage garnishments.

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