I Can’t Pay My Medical Bills

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Question: I just have too much medical debt and I am writing to see if I can file bankruptcy to get rid of it. I see a few doctors because of diabetes, a bad back and I needed surgery on my knee. Now the medical bills are piling up and I need to address them. And that's on top of the money I'm paying for my drugs that I need. I'm getting bills from hospitals and many doctors for treatments and tests. The debt is just not manageable. And I have insurance, but it doesn't cover everything.

So because my medical bills are so high, I'm very worried that I'll never be able to pay them off. Hospitals, clinics and doctors are writing me letters. They say they'll sue me and now I'm waiting for lawsuits.

The bills are now pushing $100,000. I don't have that kind of money to spend on doctors.

This all started happening about 5 years ago. That's when my health started to deteriorate. It's not like I'm facing really serious stuff, but I do need treatment for these issues.

I don't know if you can file bankruptcy on medical debt. So I need to know quickly if I can put my medical bills in a bankruptcy.

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Answer: Yes, medical debt can be eliminated by a bankruptcy filing. In fact, medical debt can be a major cause of financial distress. As bankruptcy attorneys, we see first-hand how medical debt causes people to seek bankruptcy protection.

As the cost of medical care skyrockets, we are seeing many clients in need of debt relief. Between the expense of doctors and hospitals and the cost of pills, meds and treatments, more and more Georgia residents are simply unable to afford medical care.

And medical debt collection agencies can be very aggressive. They will make phone calls and harass people demanding payment, and they will file lawsuits. When they get a judgment, they will do a wage garnishment.

You can utilize a chapter 7 or chapter 13 to eliminate medical debt. If someone is ineligible to file a chapter 7, then most of the time a chapter 13 can be employed.

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