Can I Get a Divorce at the Sandy Springs Municipal Court?

Question: I need to get a divorce from my husband. He drinks too much and I think he's a porn addict. He got drunk around my father and they almost got into a fight. My father made a pretty mild comment and my husband's drinking and my husband flew off the handle and said he wanted to fight him. He started moving towards my father to hit him and I had to get between them or punches would have been thrown.

Besides my husband's drinking, he's always looking at pornography on the computer. I caught him looking at some porn the other day and he said it wasn't porn and that it was actually a training video he had to watch for work. But there's no way an insurance company executive has to watch a movie called something stupid like “Teenage Strippers in Bangkok” for work. That's ridiculous and he's a liar. If you met him he seems so normal because he works for an insurance company and just talks about sports and guns. Maybe he's bipolar.

So now I need to get a divorce because I can't take it anymore. After 26 years of marriage I need to get a fresh start and not be around some alcoholic, verbally abusive porn addict.

Since we live in Sandy Springs, can I get a divorce locally at the Sandy Springs court? I really want out and my friend said getting a divorce was the best thing she's ever done.

L.T. in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Answer: As divorce lawyers, we see every day the impact of alcoholism, verbal and physical abuse, and pornography on marriages. Many people do get treatment and are able to overcome these types of challenges and save their marriages. Many more, sadly, do not get the help they need and it leads to divorce.

In your case, because you live in Fulton County, you would seek a divorce from a judge of the Fulton County superior court. Only superior judges in Georgia are empowered to grant divorces. Municipal or city courts, like the one in Sandy Springs, do not decide divorce or family law issues. They are not given power to address issues like child custody, child support, adoption, and alimony.

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