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  • Can a seat belt violation lead to a DUI charge?
    Can a seat belt violation lead to a DUI charge?

    Question: It's been a hard winter so far here in North Fulton County. I had the shingles and the flu. So I went out to celebrate last weekend and I ordered some Pappy Van Winkle, which is very ...

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  • "She doesn't drink; she only takes drugs"

    Question: My daughter doesn't drink. I don't think she's ever gotten drunk. But she was arrested for DUI in Woodstock. She told me that she takes some drugs but she does not drink. She said she uses ...

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  • He didn't drink, but he got very drunk
    He didn't drink, but he got very drunk

    Question: I live in Roswell and my son goes to Georgia Tech; he's studying engineering. I thought he was smart enough not to do really stupid stuff. But he's only 19 and he was in his dorm room and he ...

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  • "What does a DUI lawyer do?"

    Question: I was arrested for DUI in Forsyth County, GA. I got into an argument with my wife and I left the house after I had several drinks and beers. I thought I wasn't going to leave and that we ...

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  • "Can I keep my bartender job with a DUI?"

    Question: I got arrested for a DUI in Atlanta. I actually live in Bartow County and I drive from Cartersville to Atlanta almost every day for work. I need to know if I can still work as a bartender if ...

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