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DUI Lawyer in Sandy Springs

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Charged with DUI in Sandy Springs?

Getting arrested for a DUI offense is a serious charge that can affect your life for years to come. You may believe that once you have been arrested that you have no other option but to plead guilty and accept the consequences.

With the help of a Sandy Springs DUI lawyer, that may not be the case. By presenting a strong DUI defense on your behalf, The Sherman Law Group can fight to have your charges reduced or even dismissed. Don’t risk vehicle impoundment and other serious DUI penalties such as license suspension because of failing to take active steps in protecting your rights.

Why You Need Our DUI Defense Team on Your Side

With over 50 years of collective practice and experience as former Assistant County Attorneys, you can feel confident that our firm will have the knowledge and skill you need to fight your charges. As former prosecutors, we know the methods used by the prosecution when pursuing a conviction and will use all of our available talent to find weaknesses in their case.

Our firm is committed to presenting a strong defense on your behalf, we have successfully helped numerous clients in such cases as: 

Sandy Springs DUI Attorney

It takes attention to detail in reviewing your case in order to develop a successful defense. We review everything about your case, from the original police stop through the testing and arrest. There are many areas where law enforcement can make errors in procedure, or even use un-certified and poorly maintained equipment when testing you.

If it cannot be proven that there are any legitimate findings you were driving over the legal alcohol limit, your case could be dismissed. Contact us today!

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